Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Life & Interior modeling

This piece was a 3d modeling assignment. I was asked to develop a concept to represented my character or something we really like. After several of brainstorm, I decide to do a trumpet scene because I’m a orchestra band member during my high school time and I’m the lead trumpeter in that band. So, I understand very much of instrument especially Trumpet.

On the execution part, at first I wanted to make a statue like. But I changed my mind, and added the glove and a marching band cap. I purposely place a spotlight just above the trumpet to make a focus point on the main object and slightly fed out to the background and foreground.

This interior piece also done during my basic modeling class. The main point of this assignment is to focus more on the lighting and composition. I decided to create a gym interior.

After the 1st week of execution, I realise I needed to spend alot of time to model all the props and stuff and didn't meet the main point of the objective, and yeah, I speed up my modeling time and cut down as much props as possible so can continue to the object placing and lighting part.

I quite satisfied of the mood that I creating on this piece. Almost the same with my imagination, but then the composition and texturing are really bad so is no need to mention. YEAH!!

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