Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Show Reel 2009

Demo Reel 2009 from Meng Guan Lai on Vimeo.
This is my Show Reel that show what I did for my college assignment. My are of expertise is Animation, Modeller, Zbrush sculpting and anything what I gonna learn in future. Enjoy my reel then.

Here is the high res vimeo link : http://www.vimeo.com/3722583

Here is the low res youtube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juVRTWaDA3g&feature=channel_page

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3Dtotal Speed Sculpting Challenge - Celebrity Caricature

This is my entry for latest 3Dtotal sculpting challenge.
Title is Celebrity Caricature.
I choose Eric Catona, he is a footballer from Manchester United. He also my brother all time favourite footballer.
It's not exactly look alike and I don't know hot to make him look alike also, haha!! So I make him looks as stylize as possible.
There's some nice entry this time and I don't think I'll win anything this time, hehe!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Victor Madness

Submittion for Udon Darktalker tribute artbook. But too sad didn't get choosen.
Title is Victor Madness. Been having alot of fun doing this piece and also learn alot.

3Dtotal Speed Sculpting Challenge - Santa

Sculpting Challenge - Silver prize

This is my entry for the 3Dtotal Speed sculpting challenge. Topic is Santa.
I decide to do something special and different, so I make a cuntl santa, main focus on the stylize line on the face and props. At last I did win the 2nd prize of the competition.

Dunk - a - Machine

Dunk -a- Machine

Cycle Animation

Weightlifting Animation

Character interaction - DUNK

This is my Vimeo link of DUNK - http://vimeo.com/3766788

Here is my character which done few months ago, a red sporty robot named Dunk - a - Machine.
I'm asked for do a few cycle animation and a weightlifting animation. At last, choose a classmate's character and do some interaction animation.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Sculptssss

China Dead Dog


Caricature 1

Caricature 2

Skinny Oldman



Fatty Muscular

Sporty head

All of these sculpt are done during my free time or little break from my college assignment. Every time I started a new sculpt, will do something different and been looking tons of refference to continue the sculpt, and it really make me learn alot.

1st Zbrush sculpting

Here is my 1st ever Zbrush sculpt which done in a speed sculpt session with bunch of my friend. Really don't know how to use Zbrush at 1st, even the interface also very confusing, and only know how to add as many detail as possible, feel like wanna vomit after sculpted this.
But at the end, Zbrush really catch my attention, yeah!!

Lipsync Animation - Turkey Time

Been given us 1 and a half month to finish it.
Search for a random sound wav from the internet. and model this character and animate him.
I felt quite fun and enjoying while animate him and I kept showing some stupid face to my mirror and to get the face expression correct.

Here is the youtube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQKd2aYPAls&feature=channel_page

Floursack Animation - The Joke

Finish this animation just before the movie come out, and I really like the movie, and Heath Ledger is HERO!!

Floursack is a extremely difficult object to animate, but somehow I quite ok with this 1. Timeline is almost 1 and a half month to finish which is very long, but I still do it slow, haha!!

Here is the animation link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6aZucIl4Cg&feature=channel_page

1st character model reel

This is my 1st modeling reel. I gave this character a named called Hunger. A cannibal creature who used to eat human flesh. He living at a unpopulated area. I enhanced few of his part like the mouth, hand, and the stomach to make it more like a "human eater."

It takes me 10 weeks to finish it. I really learned alot during the process, esspecially the topology and the hand-painted texture map, bump map, and specularity map. I really enjoy in this 10 weeks of work with doing things that I like.

Here is the link of thr reel : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMFS09SxT1E

Conceptual character design 1


Egypt Warlord

Evil Witch

These 3 character is design based on Egypt culture. Having alot of fun during the painting process.

Environment Design


Evil Witch Castle

Forbidden Ground

These are my Environment design illustration which done during my concept art class which conducted by 1 of my favourites lecturer, Way Chuan. All these 3 piece is based on Egypt culture to design it.

Figure Sketching

Just wanna show some of my figure sketching which I done during my 1 year in college. Sorry for the crappy photoshot.

Still Life & Interior modeling

This piece was a 3d modeling assignment. I was asked to develop a concept to represented my character or something we really like. After several of brainstorm, I decide to do a trumpet scene because I’m a orchestra band member during my high school time and I’m the lead trumpeter in that band. So, I understand very much of instrument especially Trumpet.

On the execution part, at first I wanted to make a statue like. But I changed my mind, and added the glove and a marching band cap. I purposely place a spotlight just above the trumpet to make a focus point on the main object and slightly fed out to the background and foreground.

This interior piece also done during my basic modeling class. The main point of this assignment is to focus more on the lighting and composition. I decided to create a gym interior.

After the 1st week of execution, I realise I needed to spend alot of time to model all the props and stuff and didn't meet the main point of the objective, and yeah, I speed up my modeling time and cut down as much props as possible so can continue to the object placing and lighting part.

I quite satisfied of the mood that I creating on this piece. Almost the same with my imagination, but then the composition and texturing are really bad so is no need to mention. YEAH!!

1st 3D

Here is my 1st artwork posting.
1st ever 3D modeling. Topic is temple. Done it during my 3D basic modeling class which conducted by lovely Tammie. Done by Maya. Refference from a deviantart artist.
Actually I don't know what am I doing, everything goes so wrong, hehe!! whatever, move on!

First Post

18-03-2009, Wednesday, 01:35am.

This is my 1st ever post in my 1st ever artblog. I'm not going to put any artwork or whatever in this 1st post but talk about myself. My name is Lai Meng Guan aka Atlantiz15. Born from Perak, Malaysia. Year of 1988. Male.

Why I love art? Be honest, I never love art in my 1st 19 years of life. In my memory, I just know how to sketch some dragon ball character in a small exercise book that I copied from my dragon ball gold card collection. (my favourite character is Gohan) And that's all is before my secondary school life and I stop all the way until I came to my college.

When the time I must choose a college for study, I still don't know what I really want
because of my lousy exam result. I tried before research for accounting and hotel management, and it all failed. After that, my cousin who graduate from graphic design talks about arts to me and explain some of the detail in the art market and I decided to give it a try. But still got some old fellow think that "art is rubbish, study art mean your future is dark". And whatever, who cares? That's why I came to my art college. (The One Academy)

If you called every student in an art college as a artist, I denied it. Example like me, I still don't know what is art in my 1st and a half year in my college life. Everything is so confuse. (maybe now I still don't know, who know?) It's quite suffering for me to survive in the 1st year, and I will the word "sucks" on my communication skills, and maybe because of the epic research and studies, I felt quite ok now. (but not communication, still bad, too bad)

At last, I choose Digital Animation as my major subject. And I met alot of coolest people in here, I started to like this field and I know that I didn't choose wrong. I started to like animation, creating CG model and stuff. And I going to continue it, GO GO GO!!