Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Post

18-03-2009, Wednesday, 01:35am.

This is my 1st ever post in my 1st ever artblog. I'm not going to put any artwork or whatever in this 1st post but talk about myself. My name is Lai Meng Guan aka Atlantiz15. Born from Perak, Malaysia. Year of 1988. Male.

Why I love art? Be honest, I never love art in my 1st 19 years of life. In my memory, I just know how to sketch some dragon ball character in a small exercise book that I copied from my dragon ball gold card collection. (my favourite character is Gohan) And that's all is before my secondary school life and I stop all the way until I came to my college.

When the time I must choose a college for study, I still don't know what I really want
because of my lousy exam result. I tried before research for accounting and hotel management, and it all failed. After that, my cousin who graduate from graphic design talks about arts to me and explain some of the detail in the art market and I decided to give it a try. But still got some old fellow think that "art is rubbish, study art mean your future is dark". And whatever, who cares? That's why I came to my art college. (The One Academy)

If you called every student in an art college as a artist, I denied it. Example like me, I still don't know what is art in my 1st and a half year in my college life. Everything is so confuse. (maybe now I still don't know, who know?) It's quite suffering for me to survive in the 1st year, and I will the word "sucks" on my communication skills, and maybe because of the epic research and studies, I felt quite ok now. (but not communication, still bad, too bad)

At last, I choose Digital Animation as my major subject. And I met alot of coolest people in here, I started to like this field and I know that I didn't choose wrong. I started to like animation, creating CG model and stuff. And I going to continue it, GO GO GO!!

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