Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time to Revive.....

It's really been a whole lot while. Works load is a pain in the hell, been checking out from my personal free time art produce for quite some time.
1 year. 1 crazy, stressful, interesting, exploring, enjoy year. Here is time to get back in real deal business. Too many shits and craps happening in this extremely fast testing year, chances coming back and forth, going well and sucks, all the things happens reflect here and there, many experience, many sacrifice, many endure, many blind spot.
Time to gather everything up again, time to move on, time to get a new start, time to put down all the things I had, time to look forward, time to revive.

Here is a preview of a speed sculpt session with my beloved colleague, Yong Wei.
3 and a half hours time. I won't stated who we are sculpting. If you can recognize him, my plessure, If you can't, my bad.

More to come, more to come. Peace yo.

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